Research and Evaluation

Start date / Finish date:

21st January - 19th April 2019

On-site module dates:

25th - 29th February 2019

Closing date for applications:

1st October 2018

On-site location:

University of Lisbon Botanic Garden, Portugal

Number of funded places available per country:

Italy: 5 places

Portugal: 10 places

UK: 5 places


Research Credit: Hortus Botanicus Leiden
Research. Credit: Hortus Botanicus Leiden
Applications open on the 1st August 2018
This module will look closely at approaches to evaluation and research through a number of small-scale research projects. It will offer trainees the opportunity to develop experience and knowledge of a range of methods and approaches to evaluation and research, including quantitative and qualitative methods and case studies, within the context of informal education and learning. This will also include training using more traditional methods, e.g. surveys, focus groups and participant observations, as well as more innovative methods, e.g. snap shot and dart board.

A main focus of the module is to develop reflective practitioners. Participants will be trained to reflect on their own practices by collecting evidence through various methods, such as portfolios of evidence and reflective diaries, which will document the impact of their public engagement activities.

Participants will be shown case studies and best practice of research and evaluation from the botanic gardens and museum sector and will be trained on how to develop a Research and Evaluation framework and strategy so that these elements can be embedded at an organisational level.

This module will also cover how to use audience research to improve botanic gardens’ accessibility and equity. This will support botanic gardens to improve the quality of experiences they offer to current and new audiences to make their sites and activities more accessible to people from a variety of backgrounds and ensure better engagement of the public with what they consider to be the most important issues and messages relevant to the work of the garden.