Online Learning


Most of the time spent completing LearntoEngage modules will be online.  Online learning gives you the flexibility of learning at a time that is convenient to you whilst becoming part of a thriving and enthusiastic learning community. The online element will include a range of presentations, collaborative activities, independent research and various tasks, some of which will be assessed. These activities are designed to help you learn online and to help you to share and learn from each other. You should be a competent computer user with a basic understanding of standard computer applications such as using an internet browser, email and word processing.

You will be given access to PropaGate Learning prior to the course starting to help you familiarise yourself with the online environment. Please make use of this time as it will enable you to fully engage with the course itself once it starts, rather than spending your time finding your way around. It is also a chance to meet other learners and the tutors.

Online courses require a much more self-motivated learning style than traditional attended classes. You should plan to set aside a certain amount of time to log into the course classes and carry out tasks. You will need to be proactive about understanding the timetable and submitting your work. Participation in online discussions and the sharing of work is also part of the course – online learning is much more sociable than you might think!

Our ‘Digital Skills Check’ at the following link will help you to identify any areas of IT you may need to brush up on:


Activities and Assignments

online learning Credit: RBGE

There will be activities and assignments to complete throughout the module, linked to the learning outcomes. Online, these will take the format of forum discussions, glossary entries, wiki pages, writing a reflective journal, creating presentations and giving peer feedback. Completion of these is required in order to pass the module.


Help and Support

Jane Robertson, Gavin Downey

The PropaGate Learning team are always here to help you along with the partner organisations so if you have any questions regarding the modules, what is required at this stage or if you have any technical concerns with online learning, please use the 'Contact Us' form.

After starting a module, we encourage everybody to make the most of the forums that will be available online. These provide a way for students to talk to one another and for tutors to answer questions. There is also a private messaging activity within PropaGate Learning where you can talk to your tutor direct. The LearnToEngage team are always available if you have a module related technical problem, they can be contacted via the forums or direct message.